dishwasher repair dubai

Dish Washer Repairs Dubai

Dishwashers can usually withstand years and years of daily use as they are very durable. But even with regular maintenance, your dishwasher may at times need special attention. Repair care is here to help.

Our dishwasher services repair technicians are familiar with every brand of washers and can solve problems from leaky hoses to electrical problems and beyond. Our fully skilled engineers are able to do dishwasher repairs 6 days a week. We can arrange to visit on a date that suits you and we’ll call 30 minutes before we arrive.

Dishwasher Repair

Repairing a dishwasher not only makes your job easy by keeping your utensils clean and tidy, but it’s also very important in terms of cost. If your schedule is very tight and you face a lot of time crunch then it becomes very difficult to take the time out especially for washing utensils. This makes the dish washer a very important equipment to have in your kitchen, but all your comfort goes away when your dishwasher stops working.

Here are some of the common issues mainly seen with dishwashers:

  • If it makes Noises

One of the most common problems we face in a dishwasher is the loud noise that it makes. Noise comes from various sources within the dishwasher which can be due to the blocking of food in the sprayers or drainage system, or even motor can sometimes create loud sound. In such cases it would be a smart decision to call up a dishwasher repair service company in Dubai like us – CoolDXB to fix this problem.

  • If your dishwasher is Leaking

Another problem that we commonly see in a dishwasher is the problem of leaking. An old, worn out pump and door seal are the main causes for a leakage in dishwasher. Failed water inlet valves are the other reason that causes leaking to occur.

  • If your Dishwasher does not start

Sometimes the machine switches on but fails to work. Usually it is an issue related to the latch switch, timer, electronic control, motor relays, and thermal fuses that can cause your dishwasher not to turn on.

  • If your dishwasher has a Door Latch Problem

Door latch is a part of dishwasher that is most frequently used. Due to the continuous use of door latch in a day, the plastic door latches will wear out quickly and they need to be replaced often to close the door and seal out water.

  • If your dishwasher is keeping your utensils dirty

One of the major problems faced is that even after the completion of cleaning cycle the dishes are still dirty which means that the dishwasher is not working properly. Only a technical expert will be able to trouble shoot the problem and find out the solution for the same. Normally the issues are caused from housing gaskets, spray arms, water delivery tubes and filters which can be understood by an expert only.

  • If the water is Not Draining

If your dishwasher is switching on and starts cleaning the utensils but after washing the water is logging at the bottom of the machine is an indication that the dishwasher needs a repair. The dishwasher cannot drain if there is a drain pump motor issue, timer problem, and clogged drain hose. In such cases calling an expert like CoolDXB would be advisable.

  • If no Detergent is dispensed

Even after every part of your dishwasher is working properly but if the detergent is not getting dispersed properly then your machine needs a repair because washing your utensils with just water cannot be considered clean, you need a detergent to clean and maintain the hygiene. A timer or wax motor is normally to blame when it comes to detergent dispensing which needs an expert advice to repair it.

  • Time to Service

If your dishwasher is facing any of the above mentioned problems, then all the issues are generally worth repairing for which you need a dishwasher repair service agency. Dishwasher repairs in Dubai is very popular because a dishwasher may need a constant maintenance for the machine to run longer. The cost of repair is also not too high and is worth to have an estimate depending on the part of dishwasher which needs to be serviced.

CoolDXB is a professional dishwasher repair service provider that can get your entire dishwasher repair job done. Every customer who put their trust on CoolDXB will have access to the honest, dependable and affordable services in Dubai that are customized according to their needs.